Estonian Birding Society (a finnish non-profit NGO, since 1997)
- seeks to further the protection and knowledge of birds and bird areas in Estonia
- upholds co-operation between Finnish and Estonian bird watchers
- promotes birding as a hobby in Estonia

We collect bird-observations in collaboration with Tartu University. eElurikkus

transfer 15€ to IBAN: FI52 1470 3000 2066 91. BIC: NDEAFIHH
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NOTE: EBS should not be confused with the official Estonian Ornithological Society EOÜ.

EBS newest publication: Timo Pettay 2014: Viron Linnut, havainnot 1990-2010
ISBN: 9789519786728. Information in here how to get copy.

EBS guide to 32 Estonian bird-watching spots/areas is here (with short summaries in english).

Recommended birding guide (in estonian): Ots,M. & Paal,U. 2008: Eesti linnuvaatleja teejuht ISBN: 9789985626504


Sõrve Bird Observatory

EBS established an observatory in 1998 following an agreement with the Estonian Border Guard that birders could use a building in Sääre as its base. Since then it has systematically collected bird observations there. From May till October over a hundred species can normally be seen on any given day.

The main activity at SBO is counting migrants - in autumn time over a million birds fly south along the peninsula. In the Soviet era, Estonian ornithologist E.Leibak ringed birds in Sõrve during 1978-90. Finns continued this work from 1999-2004, with permission from the Estonian ringing centre. Since then ringing has been sporadic. Although autumn is probably the best time for birdwatching, the observatory is in use all year round. Visitors are welcome but staying at Sõrve Bird Observatory always requires permission.

SBO is situated at the southern tip of the Sõrve peninsula, on Saaremaa, Estonia’s largest island. The house there has an interesting garden surrounded by meadows and coastline. It has three rooms, which can accommodate ten people. There is also a nice kitchen but no running water. Sauna and basic toilet facilities are outside. Internet often works but can be slow.

A ferry from the mainland to Saaremaa operates many times per day. Alternatively, there are buses and aeroplanes from Tallinn to Kuressaare, which is 50 km (30 miles) from SBO. A bus runs daily between SBO and Kuressaare.

Biotope SBO Manager

Contact the manager Lauri Mäenpää: tel. +358 40 517 8292, E-mail: late at tarsiger.com
logoStaying at Sõrve Bird Observatory always requires permission.

SBO E-mail: sorve.lintuasema at gmail.com
SBO diary: click here

-List of species
-Some basic data


SBO logo by Risto Lammin-Soila



board of estonian birding society 2017

Annika Forsten Chairperson
Annika Forsten
+358 40-5150 510
Tornfalksvägen 2 bst 15, 02620 Esbo
  Matti Halttunen Vice-Chairperson
Matti Halttunen
+358 45-1271255
Sakari Lehikoinen Member
Sakari Lehikoinen
+358 40-570 9633
Kuunkierros 3 D 28, 02210 Espoo

  Timo Nuoranen Secretary - Webpages
Timo Nuoranen
+358 50-5423037
Erkki Kylliäinen
+358 400-368044
  Gustaf Nordenswan Member
Gustaf Nordenswan
+358 40-5463028
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raimo Member
Raimo Nevalainen
+358 40-5627446
  Treasurer (not on the board)
Juha Metso
+358 50-4925559
Timo Pettay Vice-member
Timo Pettay
+358 40-5266064
Välskärinkatu 3 as.10, 00260 Helsinki
Birgit Petrow
+358 50-3268672
Väinölänkatu 9 F 41, 00610 Helsinki



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